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When in need of a ruler, but there isn't one around, the next best thing you can use is Cort Donovan's cock. At least that's what happens in the first scene when Cameron Marshall makes him pull it out. Donovan's dick is really impressive to look at and Marshall struggles trying to fit eight inches of meat down his throat. Marshall — who truly resembles Brad Pitt in this film — has a formidable piece of flesh between his legs, and doesn't argue when Donovan begins to rim him. It's really hot to see the look of concentration on Marshall's face when he sits on Donovan's tool — who shows no mercy and pounds the living daylights out of him. The cumshot at the end definitely stand out as one of the hottest we've seen in a while. Marshall practically cums on top of the camera as he's getting fucked, and Donovan cums all over Marshall's crack and butt cheeks and then proceeds to lick his own jism off the used ass as Marshall moans his approval.

The next scene is just as hot as the first one. Lucas Knowles is bragging that he's got an eight incher and shows what that looks like with a tape measure. He asks Cameron Taylor if he knows how big he is and Taylor says no but thinks it's probably really small. There's only one way to find out and Knowles pulls his pants down and measures Taylor. It's over nine inches! Must be a nice surprise for Taylor, but another thing has happened; all the dick talk has made him hard and now he needs his large tool sucked. In the end, Knowles shows just how much he loves big cocks by getting pounded by the nine-and-a-half incher. Those who saw the movie Wanted — where the assassins can shoot around objects will be left wondering how Taylor manages to do it in real life.

There's also a three-way between Vance Winter, Lee Stephens and Josh Vaughn that should not be missed!

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