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ManPlay: Shooters & White Trash

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The Man Play Double Packs represent a stellar value. You get two award-winning films for less than a single new release.

White Trash won nine GayVN awards in 2002: including Best Screenplay, Best Sex Comedy, and Best Supporting Actor for Rod Barry. This film is outrageously over the top with both the sex and the irreverent parodies of white trash culture. From fried chicken and trailers to wacky neighbors and kissin' cousins who do more than kiss — it's all there. Plenty of wild, nasty sex that gives a whole new meaning to the term double-wide will keep your hands busy for a while to come!

The second film, Shooters, is for anyone who's ever fantasized about a hunky bartender or a sexy club DJ. After a long night at the club, the crew of hot stud muffins decides to lock the doors and have a party of their own. It isn't over until 5 hot guys end up on top of a pool table in a sweaty, no-holds-barred gang-bang.

Both of these films are excellent! So rack 'em up, grab your stick, and get ready to shoot!

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