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This two-hour flick features twelve delicious men from the studio that brings you some of the hottest masculine man-on-man action in gay porn. The refreshing thing about this particular Raging Stallion movie is that it features a different set of guys than we're used to. Don't get us wrong, we love the men from Raging Stallion exclusives, but we do enjoy seeing fresh meat showing off their skills for all to enjoy.

Scene one kicks off with a guy who resembles Vin Diesel getting sucked off by another dude who is bound to end up with grass stains on his knees. The Vin Diesel lookalike is actually a lot bigger than the hot actor (if you can believe it) and finds himself leaning over a car while his friend gives his ass a good tongue lashing. There's a lot of moaning and groaning as the beefy stud slides his dick into his buddy's hole and pounds away. The two switch it up several times including doing it on top of the car.

Later on, we find ourselves in a jail with the scourge of society doing everything in their power to keep themselves entertained. With little else to do in the middle of the night, these guys end up hooking up. Like always, the beefy studs dominate the less worked out ones. In one particular scene the more passive of the two is forced to devour the guy's hairy armpit before being gagged on the guy's cock. The beefy guy clearly wants every inch of his body to be given some attention and forces his toes into the other guy's mouth. There's no surprise with who ends up on top here, but it's still fun to watch.

Another scene features a hot threesome that find a prisoner being the object of the security guards attention. The guys take a club to his ass and wield it throughout just to let him know who's in charge. It's a sexually charged scene that is bound to please everyone.

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