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The dog days of summer are a lot more fun when you spend them in Eastern Europe with the boys from Bel Ami. The first scene pairs up a blond cutie with the effervescent Brandon Manilow who gives the young guy's mouth a thorough workout. The scene couldn't be more beautiful as Manilow asks for the gorgeous blond to turn around and show him his nice ass. Manilow licks, and kisses him from behind while working the blond's hard-on with his hand. The penetration shot is especially beautiful and the blond turns to ask Manilow if he's inserted it in its entirety. When Manilow answers in the affirmative, the blond relaxes a bit and arches his back, which causes his lower half to get closer to Manilow's hips. One thing about the Bel Ami boys that never fails to entertain is all the wild positions they get their bodies into.

Paul Valery and Ollie Safranov get in out of the sun and into an abandoned looking building where Ollie quickly gets on his knees and begins to suck on Paul's humongous schlong. Paul has one of the biggest cocks out of all of the Bel Ami models, which only makes the dark-haired stud even that much more attractive. The cameraman does a great job of bringing us this scene from angles that aren't usually seen in porn. One thing you'll notice about Bel Ami's movies lately is that they break the action right in the middle (usually right after the blowjob, but before the rimming) and give the audience a cumshot. In this particular scene Paul unloads himself all over Ollie's face and mouth. Don't worry the action is just beginning, and Paul returns the favor before getting hard again and giving Ollie a good pounding. One would think that the second cumshot wouldn't be as exciting as the first, but by the way Paul blows his wad you would think he hadn't cum in the last month!

With five explosive scenes in all, and double the amount of cumshots per scene, this is one Bel Ami title you can't afford to pass up.

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