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It's not clear if this film is called King Size because of Kyle King, the size of his cock, or the monster cocks he is able to take up his ass with absolute ease.

One of the hottest scenes by far is the pairing of Kyle King and Mike Roberts. Mike, for those who don't remember, went by the name 'Angel' in his early porn career. The uncut stud has definitely embraced being gay-for-pay and really seems to enjoy having King's lips wrapped around his thick uncut cock. King can't keep himself from hanging onto Roberts' low hanging balls as he sucks and strokes his own cock with his other hand. Roberts throws King down and slides his cock right in and starts pumping away instantly. It's a testament to King's bottoming skills that he is warmed-up and ready right at the get-go. The two are later joined by Josh West — who has an amazing cock that you have to see to believe — but the real treat is watching Roberts mount and ride King.

In another scene, Ross Hurston and Rafael Alencar get down and dirty with each other. Alencar's monster cock, which deserves a name in the credits, is so big that Hurston actually makes a face when he first sees it hard for the first time. Hurston has his work cut out for him and has problems getting his mouth around the uncut third leg. He also can't help but gag from the sheer size, but that doesn't stop him from trying his best. Alencar knows what's in store for Hurston and sets to work on Hurston's ass by shoving four fingers in there and stretching out the hole as much as possible so that by the time Hurston sits on his enormous cock he does so with hardly a whimper.

Kyle King also has a solo jack off scene where we get to see him play with a large flashlight turned dildo and shoots his load only to scrape it up with his fingers and greedily shove each drop into his mouth. This film is definitely a great addition to any porn collection.

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