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Kent North was an amazing performer and this collection of scenes documenting his best work will make a fine addition to any DVD collection. Part of what made Kent so appealing was the fact that he as such an interesting person off-camera. That sincerity and complexity translated well to the screen, giving him that extra edge which can mean the difference between being just another porn star and being a porn legend.

Kent was born on December 27, 1971 and his real name was Ben Gray. At the time of his untimely 2008 death, he was under exclusive contract to San Fransisco-based Hot House Entertainment and had performed in 14 of their video titles. He had been honored with awards from both the GayVN's and the Grabbies and was also involved with promoting the Mr. International Leather competition. What's more, Kent also served in the British Royal Navy as a lieutenant and submariner. According to North, he had also been working as a bank manager in London.

When Kent North passed away so unexpectedly in London on July 4, 2008, his family, fans, and the LGBT world were truly shocked. For those who didn't know him personally, watching his films is a great way to honor his memory. He was more than just a porn star, but he was proud of what he did and definitely had a talent for it. For those unfamiliar with Kent's work, this compilation from Hot House is an excellent introduction to some of his hottest scenes across six different films. 

Every scenes in this collection is exceptional and they each represent something different, from frisky and furry to downright kinky. There's everything from blowjobs to fucking, solo to group, smooth to hairy, and run of the mill white guys to blacks and Latinos. This collection truly has scope and even throws in a few sex toys, uncut dicks, and leather leather clad musclemen.

The DVD runs 140 minutes and plays in all regions, with scenes presented in a 4:3 aspect ratio to fill up those old analog TV screens that some of us still have. If you can't back your ass up onto a big ole' porn star dick, you can at least fill up your damn TV screen with one, right? All in all, this collection represents a great value and it's a great way to remember an important facet of Kent North's fascinating life and stunning porn career while sampling scenes from a number of impressive titles.

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