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Whether it was in your high school, or at the gym today, a locker room can be one of the most sexually charged places. This is obvious by the way Tyler Riggz checks out Alex Collack and Francesco D'Macho as the two strip out of their gear leaving them only wearing jockstraps. What happens next is a hot three-way between the muscle studs. Tyler is more that willing to offer up his ass to Alex who preps him by rimming his ass before finally sliding his erect member inside Tyler. Some guys take their time when they first insert their cocks into a guy's ass, but not Alex. He literally slides right on in and starts pumping away. It really is right on par with the jock mentality where a guy would just want to do what feels good with little regard for whether it hurts the bottom or not. Next is Francesco who lies down on a bench with his poker sticking straight up waiting for Tyler's ass to come on down. As Tyler arranges himself over him, Alex holds his jock up to Tyler's mouth and nose making him take a big whiff. There's even some double penetration action, but if you think that's the most shocking thing to happen in the scene you'll just have to watch for a surprises, which involves an interesting reversal of roles.

Rafael Alencar and Max Schutler have a pretty steamy scene that gets right to the action. Rafael slides his hand up Max's shorts and aggressively plays with Max's ass, and dick. He must like what he feels because he demands to see Max's ass. What's surprising is just how far a jockstrap can stretch. Those not familiar with Rafael's schlong will be more than pleasantly surprised to see such a monster come to life. Before Rafael stretches Max's hole to the max, Rafael gets a little rim-job from Max that drives his horniness factor up tenfold. When he finally gets to fuck Max he really enjoys working the hole with the entire length of his monster cock.

There's plenty of hot action including a scene with Mike Roberts who seems to get less shy about showing us his tight, unused hole.

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