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Rusty Stevenson lays things out by informing Jake Cruz that he would like to get fucked. Jake assures him that he can accommodate him and Rusty responds by ordering Jake to suck his cock — if only it was that easy in real life! Rusty's got a really nice looking piece of meat, which stands straight up, but it pales in comparison to the uncut dark cock that Cruz pulls out of his jeans. In no time, Rusty is holding onto his ankles while Jake loosens the tight hole with several fingers. Jake asks Rusty if he would like to sit on his cock. There is no reply, Rusty just gets up and sits on it in one fluid motion. The two fuck in every position they can physically muster before they finally have to release their loads.

Jason Reed and Johnny Walker happily team up again. The two already know each other and dispense with the chitchat and go right for each other's dicks. After a little suck fest Jason sits on Johnny's tool and bounces up and down on its entire length. Sometimes porn stars fuck and it looks fake, forced, or not very exciting, but these two go at it like they are boyfriends and do this every night. At one point Johnny lifts Jason's entire body and put him on his back without every having to pull his cock out. Johnny covers Jason's hole with cum before immediately shoving it back in causing Jason to scream in surprise.

The film also features a steamy three-way between Tristen Valen, Luke Cross and Orion Cross. It's hard to keep track of who's dick is going into what hole, but there is some really hot double penetration that shouldn't be missed.

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