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It is believed by ancient Hawaiians that because of the islands' volcanic formation and location in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, being among the exotic wildlife and terrain brings out a similar volcanic reaction in one's body. As the four scenes in COLT Studio Group's Hawai'i prove, these five tropical islands may truly be the most sexually eruptive locales in the world.

At 114 minutes and absolutely no dialogue or storyline, the viewer is treated to pure and raw carnal passion between COLT's signature beefy and hairy models. The non-verbal erotic scenes set against the backdrop of Hawaii's most breathtaking locales become a sort of primitive and tribal expression of the many mysteries surrounding the island.

One such scene takes place in a shallow shore with large pieces of volcanic rock scattered about as the beefy and hairless Luke Garrett dominates the equally beefy but hirsute Carlo Masi. As these men channel the fiery energy of the natural materials surrounding them, their activity kicks into high gear with a thunderous display of moans and wails.

Though the overall pace of the film is quite slow, it allows each scene to utilize the potential of its location so the models can fully allow the energy of the island to wash over them and inspire more sexual eruptions.

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