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Hairy Boyz 7

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There's a whole lot of cock in this film including a huge pairing. Miguel Leonn and Julian Morino have a pretty hot scene in which they swordfight. If you know anything about these two it's that they are hung, and uncut. It's amazing to think that either of them can even pump enough blood to their dicks to get hard, but they do. After some really awesome docking action, the two try to choke each other with their giant members. There's definitely some face fucking going on before they finally end up shooting their loads all over the place.

Another scene finds Pete Ross and JD Kollin paired up together. There's a frenzy to the way they fuck that makes it impossible not to get turned on. Pete ends up taking JD's tool deep inside him as the top makes good use of his tight pink hole.

This compilation video features ten of the hottest, hairiest men from Raging Stallion's stable, and some of the hottest scenes the studio has on offer. What's great about a movie like this is you know that they've only thrown in the best for you enjoyment. If you're going to invest in a DVD why not buy one you know is bound to be good?

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