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Guys Gone Wild All-American Jock

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Guys Gone Wild; All-American Jock is one of the more recent films in the Gone Wild series and it shows. By all standards, All-American Jock makes its predecessors seem extremely tame.

The now seasoned girls holding the camera are masters at egging on, flattering, and coaxing the guys to do just about anything they ask. Several of the guys masturbate on film while the girls make commentary about how much cum they shoot, or how impressively big they are. Although gay viewers might not want to hear women's voices in the background while they are trying to fantasize about these guys, we have to admit that it is part of the experience.

There are very few places where you are going to find true straight men being naughty in front of the camera, and this is one of them. A perfect example is when one of the guys is showing off his goods and about to take his underwear off when his girlfriend calls, one of the camera girls tells him to call her back later, which ultimately leads to a shower scene with an explosive ending.

Since it is spring break, the guy's bodies are tight and tanned to perfection and the camera knows exactly what parts to focus on at just the right moments.

At the end of the film we meet a very cocky guy who lies back on the bed and takes his time showing us why he's so cocky. Spring Break has never been hotter!

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