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Doug Jeffries' latest film cuts right to the chase and opens up with tattooed stud Kai Ford getting an enthusiastic blowjob from Lex Sabre. Lex's huge uncut meat bobs up and down as he sucks on Ford's dick, which has a beautiful upward curve to it. It's impossible not to be impressed when you see just how well Lex can take the length of Ford's cock, but even more impressive is when Ford takes Sabre's cock all the way in his ass while lying on a sling.

The second scene is a hot circle jerk with most of the cast members as they pass around one of those masturbation sleeves that's shaped to resemble a mouth. The toy can only go so far, and it doesn't take very long before everyone has broken up into couples. Cameron Marshall looks absolutely hot as he sucks Lex's long pole, TJ Young enjoys a wet blowjob from Trystian Sweet, and Jason Michaels looks like he's having the time of his life deep-throating Kai Ford's cock. It's a hot scene that's hard to predict. Some of the guys trade places while others decide that some rimming action is in order. Michaels has a particularly hot and hairy ass that gets some much needed attention from Ford — who works overtime by sucking Sabre's cock as well. The fucking sequence is off the hook and you won't even believe some of the positions these young hotties can get into. Ford is in such a contorted position that he manages to cum all over his own face.

If you can make it to the last scene, you'll be rewarded with a hot pair-up between Kyle Pierce and Dean Phoenix. As Pierce chows down on Phoenix's really big uncut tool, Phoenix begs Pierce to bite and chew on his foreskin. Not wanting to disappoint, Pierce licks and pulls at the extra skin with his teeth while Phoenix moans underneath him. The best part of the scene though is when the two fuck. Phoenix slides his curved dick in and starts pounding away immediately, and Pierce takes it like a pro.

If you love watching hot men fuck, you'll love watching this movie.

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