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There must be something in the water that accounts for the extraordinary amount of good-looking men from the Netherlands. Bloc Productions latest feature appropriately titled Factory Fuckfest contains a slew of guys working in a factory that let off a little steam by doing what young horny guys do best.

Although the action does primarily take place in a cabinet making workshop it does take us to various outdoor locations including a water park where two of the models rough house in a pool and ride the slides joyously before riding each other.

The entire movie is subtitled, which helps keep you informed at certain pivotal points like when the boss tells two of his workers in the locker room that he wants them to strip and see their raging hard-ons. Pleased with what he sees he eagerly drops to his knees and greedily feasts on their stiff dicks before topping them both.

With all the sex that goes on in the factory it's a wonder that any cabinets are getting made at all, but we don't think anyone is really going to complain after watching these incredibly hot guys taking each other passionately.

The extras include a photo gallery, cumshots, and interviews with all the models including Andrej Rovensky and Nikolas Markov who have multiple scenes in the film and sheepishly admit to enjoying sex with each other both on and off camera. In the words of a famous celebutante, "That's hot!"

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