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Euro Sex Demons: Feet First

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Porn director Phil St. John has become legendary for his artsy porn films, and Euro Sex Demons won't disappoint fans of his prior work. One of the things that St. John has become known for is his trademark double anal penetration shots, and in 2004 he actually won a GayVN award for the world's first all double penetration gay porn title. Fans of insatiable ass can rest easy because Euro Sex Demons delivers a sizzling example of this over-the-top butt pounding madness!

Besides the double ass pounding, this film's other two focuses are big dicks and foot worship. Some might argue that there's not actually enough hardcore foot worship in the film to justify having a reference to it in the title, but what it does have is good. The over abundance of huge cocks more than makes up for the thin foot offerings!

As a bonus, the DVD includes behind-the-scenes footage with naked porn star interviews. The interviews feature the models answering candid sex questions, interspersed with hot extra footage of hardcore action, with lots of moaning, groaning, and butt-slapping fucking action. 'What do you like to do on a first date?' they ask the models. Two of them say 'I like to fuck' and one says 'I've never had one before.' Next they ask 'How do you know when you're in love?' The first answer: 'I don't know.' That's how we like ‘em — big, dumb, horny, and full of cum.

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