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DaVinci Load 2: Electric Twinkaloo

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In The DaVinci Load Part 2: Electric Twinkaloo, Agent Leo DaVinci played by scrumptious Sebastian Young is under orders from Vice President Cheney to find and destroy the ancient DaVinci scrolls, which prophesize that the anti-Christ will be born to a whore and a twink named Billy O'Reilly. DaVinci's mission, with the help of Agent Schlong, played by the gifted 11x8 Casey Wood, is to find all twinks bearing that name and fuck them senseless to prevent them from ever looking at pussy again.

Although a lot of guys tend to watch porn with their trigger finger on the fast forward button, this one's worth watching from top to bottom — no pun intended.

Sure the movie panders to the lowest common denominator, borrows lines from various well-known films, features a big drag queen and a man so flamboyant he makes Nathan Lane in The Birdcage seem butch, and has the type of storyline that would have made Jesse Helms say I told you so, but the fact of the matter is that this film is actually laugh-out-loud funny.

Just because porn is usually intended for getting-off purposes only doesn't mean it can't be funny. It doesn't hurt either that the two main tops that do all the fucking throw the twinks around like they weighed five pounds. Definitely worth checking out.

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