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Come Over and Play Volume 5

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Some studios falsely claim the guys in their videos are straight, but Volume 5 of the Next Door Buddies series features real straight dudes jerking it for the camera. The opening scene serves up four college guy types lounging around on two couches watching porn. These dudes introduce themselves and then fall into a hypnotic state as they watch a girl getting pounded. It's not too long before their trouser snakes are pushing against the fabric and they find themselves pulling out their swollen cocks to get some much-needed relief. Whether straight or gay, guys always sneak a peak around to see what everyone is packing and these hung dudes are no different. For a while all you hear is the hot sound of guys beating their meat as their hands and balls slap against their bodies. One by one their bodies tense up as their breathing gets shallower and they finally spill their loads all over their tight bodies.

Later in the movie we get treated to some straight guys engaging in some not so straight activity including a rape scene in which a guy in a mask bursts into another guy's house and takes him right there on the couch. If the bottom is perturbed he quickly gets over it as he gets his ass deliciously violated by a perpetrator that knows how to fuck.

The best scene in the movie belongs to two buddies lounging on a couch. One of the guys goes by Ricky M., much like a certain singer with the same name, one look at him and you'll understand how he earned that nickname.

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