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Collin O’Neal’s World of Men: East Berlin

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Collin O'Neal's ongoing quest to find guys from around the world he can film engaging in hot man-on-man action takes him to East Berlin. One thing that has remained consistent in his films is that the locations where the guys have sex are always interesting and add to the flavor of the scene.

The movie opens with two rough looking guys walking into a basement and quickly getting right down to business. The more dominant one quickly takes action pressing the other guy against the wall, pulling his pants down and slapping/ massaging his tight hole before diving in face first. The guy pressed against the wall is more than happy with the turn of events and sticks his ass out in a way that would turn the most unwavering bottom into a top.

Scene two is particularly hot featuring two guys whose cocks are barely contained by their jeans and underwear as they hurriedly strip off their clothes. That's another great thing about O'Neal's films the guys are always handsome and masculine. The top uses the length of his entire cock to pork the bottom pulling it all the way out before slamming it back in with smooth easy strokes.
One plus to this particular movie is that you can hear the sex and the noise the condom makes as it works its way in and out of the tight hole.

It's hard to decide which scene is the hottest in any O'Neal film because they are all equally strong which is why his movies are always consistently sexy. DVD extras include tons of previews that'll have you wanting to visit a different part of the world.

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