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Directrix Chi Chi LaRue has made some great films over the years and Click fits right along with the rest. We just love the angle in the first scene when Jorden Michaels and Steve Ponce are playing ‘find the salami in the underwear'. Riley Burke watches from a few feet away as Michaels drops to his knees and commences to give Ponce some mouth to cock resuscitation. The redhead's carpet matches the drapes, which is to say that his fire red hair can be found all over! Burke finally joins in on the action and these boys make a three-way look so fun and easy — even when they are in complicated positions.

One pairing that you are sure to love is Derrek Rivero and Jorden Michaels. Not only do the two of them look hot together, but you can really tell that they get into sucking each other's body parts. Rivero is so stunning on screen, it's a miracle Michaels doesn't shoot the minute the dark haired beauty parts his lips and sucks deep. Rivero's cock seems to go on for days and Jorden does a good job of paying it the type of special attention it deserves. If you love these two boys you're going to love the cumshot at the end. It's a doozy!

Alexy Tyler and Joe Strong bring things to a close in the last scene. The two kick things off by making out and Strong isn't able to resist playing with Tyler's ass and Tyler can't keep his legs together as the two of them dry hump. Finally, Strong pulls down Tyler's tighty whities and gets to some serious sucking while Tyler moans, squirms and finally presents his ass for Strong to rim. If you want to figure out what happens next, you'll just have to see the movie.

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