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Brian Hansen and Brad Patton are the sexiest real life couple that has paired up on screen since Rod and Bob Paris, and they're together again! The Colt team brought them together, and their love has lasted to this first Olympus release from Colt Studio's European line. Unfortunately, since their very hot initial relationship began they've not performed in the same scene because they figure it's too voyeuristic on their personal lives.

Roland Dane, who acts, directs and writes in this, is a new talent to watch out for, and he puts together an amazing cast as well as story. It starts off on the beaches of Thailand when Dane is called back to Hungary to direct a new series with a hot new American star (played wonderfully by Brad Patton). Of course there's no real need for the opening scene in Thailand, except to show that they were there, but it truly is an international film.

Patton brilliantly plays a truly obnoxious in-the-closet matinee idol. In a particularly hot scene, reporter Jose Ganetti gets a special one-on-one interview that turns into a three-way with a double-fuck scene. In another scene, Patton tops two admirers, and his female co-star even tries to seduce him. Then, Hansen teams up with Dane for a fantastic final fuck and suck in another awards-worthy scene.

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