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Black Meat White Heat

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Never afraid to touch a story with a tinge of controversy, Doug Jeffries tells an erotic tale of modern-day racism that takes place on a Southern ranch. It starts off with a young African American-hustler, Eddie Diaz, who is sucked into a work ranch by an abusive landowner portrayed by Cole Ryder. Obviously more goes on with Cole than just work at the ranch, and he's a bit disturbed when he catches his gorgeous blond son Cameron Marshall becoming too familiar with the workers. In fact, Marshall is very much entranced and in love with black farm hand Jason Tiya, but he knows that his daddy would tan his hide if his desire were ever discovered.

It turns out that a taste for black meat runs in the family, and when the young son catches big daddy naked in the barn with two of his horse-hung black hands, he knows that his love for Jason isn't all bad. He also knows he can hold this over his daddy. It's a romantic, intriguing story, and it's capped with some superb sex.

Older Aron Ridge is fantastic as the foreman of the ranch who poses as the boss man when a delivery boy played by Josh Vaughn delivers a package. Ridge ends up finding out what's in Vaughn's package and they end up fucking and sucking right there on the front porch.

The African-American cast is delicious and it's easy to see that there's no going back for this father-son team once they try black.

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