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No other company features as many gorgeous South American men as Alexander Pictures. This film follows the devastatingly handsome Tommy Lima as he makes his way through a bathhouse. Before he even gets a chance to strip out of his clothes, he spots a guy giving another muscled hottie a good sucking. Realizing they're being watched, the two studs put a little show on for Tommy who can't stop rubbing his ever-increasing erection. Even though it's obvious he's aroused Tommy decides to watch this dynamic duo who keep throwing lust filled glances in his direction climax before walking right past them.

If you can make it past the first scene without busting a nut, the following scenes are even hotter. The next duo features a darker skinned muscle man Heriberto Ponce and light skin jock type Oscar Blanco. After Oscar worships Heriberto's cock sufficiently Oscar gets turned around and teased by Heriberto's unsheathed uncut slab of meat rubbing up and down his juicy butt crack. The entire time the two fuck Tommy's tool is throbbing wanting a little action, but Tommy doesn't want to end the night just yet, and moves on to the showers.

Even while showering, Tommy can't get rid of his raging stiffy. It's a good thing too cause things are starting to get steamy. There's a trio of guys already getting into some hot manly action including Pedro Blanca — a guy we just don't see enough of. Fortunately, after a really hot threesome, including some double penetration action, the three give the viewer the type of explosive cumming scene that'll have you reaching for your own stiff bulge.

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