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Bare Back Packers

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Eastern European twinks seem to be a horny bunch. They're always finding ways of getting each other into bed. The first two guys struggle with their English, but still manage to get the point across especially when it comes to what they want to do. The two are very tall and lanky, which only makes their cocks look even bigger and disproportioned. After playing who's got the bigger one — and they truly are big — the two get down to some serious sucking and fucking. The top slaps and rubs his cock against the bottom's crack, and then grabs it firmly and slowly slides it in. You don't need to speak the language to understand that the pair is thoroughly enjoying each other. The hottest part of the action is when the bottom cums and the top pulls out to do the same. The bottom opens his mouth for the dick that was just in his ass and licks the gooey juice.

The next scene features a threesome between some extremely young looking boys. It's amazing that the three are able to fit onto the small couch where they're sitting considering the positions they are able to get into. It's easy to see that they all have one goal in common — getting off! They actually manage to form a daisy chain with one guy sitting on top of another guy's dick. There is definitely a bottom in the group, and in the end the guys cover his face, neck and chest in a shower of hot jizz.

There are several other scenes in the film — including another three-way — with equally hot, bareback, twink action. If you love young guys with tight bodies and cocks full of warm juicy cum, you're going to love this film!

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