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They certainly know how to grow them in Brazil cause these horny boys look like they were born ready. One of the hottest things in the first scene is watching a guy get fingered. Normally it would be the guy doing the fingering that would be doing the pumping but this boy is having none of that as he smiles while working his ass up and down mentioned finger. The two go on to fuck in every position imaginable, and if you haven't dropped your load yet, you will with the scene that follows.

The scene has two guys: one that could be the Brazilian version of Hayden Christensen, and a beefy body builder looking dude. It's easy to guess who's going to come out on top in the end, but there's something really fucking hot watching the big, burly guy overpower the skinny boy. Don't let looks deceive you though, cause when it comes to the cumshot they both deliver equally impressive amounts.

The top in the last scene is stunningly good-looking and has a penchant for twinks. Watching him stuff his cock in a tight ass will surely put you over the edge especially when it comes time for him to shoot his wad, which he happily does all over the boy's nipples.

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