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Backroom Volume 2

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If you haven't paid a visit to the Hot House Backroom online at their web site, you're missing out. Backroom members have access to some of the web's hottest scenes that aren't available anywhere else. Until now, that is. For those of you who prefer DVD's to the Internet, Hot House has compiled the best of the best from the Backroom and mastered it for DVD. The scenes included on Volume 2 represent the most popular and heavily accessed content from the Backroom website and they are guaranteed to get you off again and again. They feature some of Hot House's favorite stars, as well as some amazing newcomers.

The DVD's 6 scorching scenes feature duos with C.J. Knight and Mike Power, Alex Fuerte and Matt Majors, Damon Phoenix and Derrick Hanson, and Kevin Armstrong with Jon Hunter — plus solo scenes from Vinnie D'Angelo and Mike Roberts.

If there's one thing that these guys all have in common, it's enormous cocks. From San Francisco apartments to sleazy warehouse encounters, the scenes in this collection are all superb.

Even if you thought you didn't like porn web sites, you may feel differently after seeing this DVD. Because you are going to want to see more! And until Volume 3 is released, there's no place else to get it except in the backroom.

If you're into jock straps, you'll like scene four with Damon Phoenix and Derrick Hanson. And if you like to spy on horned up bad boys, you'll love scene 5 where Mike Roberts humps his bed pillow. Yes, we know — it's a terrible waste. But at least it was captured on film for all time. Enjoy!

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