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Erik Rhodes can barely get his grip around Leo Giamani's dick as he tries to stuff it down his throat. Leo's like the porn star version of Wolverine, and has an exquisite body, and a beautiful face. The dark-haired stud throws his head back as Erik works at polishing his pole the best way he knows how. If you think Leo moans when he gets his cock sucked just wait till you hear him when he has Erik's tongue inside him. About the only time that Leo isn't moaning and groaning is when he's furiously sucking Erik's long, uncut dick. The best though, is when Erik fucks Leo who begs the muscle stud to fuck his ass. As if the action couldn't get any hotter, the two end up flip-flopping, and Leo makes a true bottom out of Erik's hole when he shoves himself inside of him without nary pause.

The movie takes place in some sort of asylum, and we're sure there's some sort of point to all of it, but it's hard to concentrate on storyline when you have guys like Dominic Pacifico and TJ Hawke paired together in a scene. TJ is doing some major cock worshipping and sucks Dominic's dick who has colorful tubes running out of his ass. TJ ends up showing him who's the boss when he bends Dominic over and pounds the hell out of him. Dominic even sits on him, and hovers himself a little above him TJ while the determined top slams him from behind with the speed off a jack-rabbit. Dominic must have an amazing ass because the TJ ends up dropping a huge load all over Dominic right before the bottom follows suit.

Two more scenes round out this movie including a hot threesome between Erik Rhodes, Diesel Washington, and Ryan Raz.

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