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Arabian Fist

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Chris Ward's latest film Arabian Fist, which he directed and co-produced along with porn legend Michael Brandon, brings the intensity of being filled to a whole new level. Although fisting may not be for everyone, this film features some insanely good-looking men who are so muscular and rugged they look like they could've been in the movie 300.

With this film Ward tackles a fetish that is considered by many very extreme, yet he manages to bring a certain sensuality to the whole thing. One of the hottest scenes occurs at the beginning, in which Dirk Jager is fisting Matthieu Paris. Jager, whose arm is halfway up Paris' bum, looks very aloof and detached as Paris screams, and groans for more. It is not a bored sort of vibe, but the type of look, which lets you know he's the one calling the shots.

The fisting is as rugged and as manly as it gets, which is clearly what Ward is trying to deliver. The film features Tony Serrano as well as Raging Stallion exclusives Huessein, Marc LaSalle and Simon Cox, and is shot in Middle Eastern type settings including an outdoor desert scene. At one point in the film Matthieu Paris gets some double fisting penetration, which leaves us wondering if he is able to walk the next day. Definitely worth checking out if you're looking to expand your horizons. For more information go www.ragingstallion.com, or www.fistingcentral.com.

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