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Everyone wants to be invited to the after party. Isn't that always the way? That's why after parties are always on the down-low. After all, it's important to make sure that no riff-raff show up — especially when the festivities will include generous servings of cock sucking, ass fucking, facial cum baths, cum-eating, group play, and shower action, which is exactly the kind of after party that Falcon throws in this movie.

When Erik Rhodes passes the bar, he and his friends decide to celebrate by letting loose and blowing off steam at a wild buddy party. It all starts out innocently enough, but once the guys get liquored up, that's when things start to take an unexpected turn. High on champagne, Nash Lawler and Colby McNight give in to the goading from their friends and put on a show of cock sucking, ass eating, and 69 — finally wrapping things up with a big finale that features Colby going for a nice off-road ride on Nash's big, drunk dick. Like all uplifting stories, it ends with a big explosion of cum. 

In scene 3, Erik Rhodes does his best impression of a trained seal act, blowing on the horns of the 3 other men and then rimming their asses buffet style. Like a good host, he then offers up his willing hole to his guests and they take turns ramming it. As an act of thanks to their host for such a memorable evening, they honor him by shooting all three of their loads right into his open mouth. It's comforting to know that good manners and traditional hospitality have not gone completely by the wayside in our quickly changing world.

With his hosting duties nearly complete, Erik is free to allow his true party boy nature to emerge (in case the three loads in his mouth hadn't tipped you off.) He's had more to drink than anyone and he's completely out of his mind at this point. Can you say walking blackout? He probably doesn't know how he got there, but the next thing he knows he's naked in the shower with Damian Holt and T.J. Young as the three let their hedonistic desires run free.

Even as the party dwindles in the wee hours, Erik is so jazzed up by his party that he just can't sleep. Um, yeah... It's the party. Sure — that's the reason he can't sleep. Uh-huh. He ends up at his computer, cruising for online hookups. Young Kai Ford then comes by to help him work through his party jitters with a session of erotic man-play and acrobatic moves that would make an acrobat jealous. Finally, they both blow their loads and the party can come to an end. 

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