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Adam Snow Uses His Staff to “Anoint” Logan Cross For Masonic Boys


Anoints, schmoints...he breeds the twink!

When you're a young novitiate in a quasi-religious order, working to serve men others, you're going to have to undergo some intensive fucking training. And if you're one of the Masonic Boys, you're eventually going be bottoming for wind up in the hands of Master Adam Snow, receiving his cum load anointing. This is Logan Cross's experience in "Apprentice Land Chapter 3: Anointing" when he meets with Snow, and things go from nervous anxiety to blossoming sexuality.

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Adam Snow sucks Logan Cross for Masonic Boys.

Photo courtesy of Masonic Boys.

The two have paired up previously, but things get more intensely heated here. As Cross stands before Snow in his loose Logan's Run-like garb, his smooth, tight skin is touched, rubbed, and fondled with an almost angelic softness by Snow. He's almost reverential in his respect for the twink's body as he glides his fingers over his skin, down under the robe, and around his cock and balls. This respect is ironic seeing as how gruff and domineering Snow can be as a topman. We shall see.

Snow loves to service his bottoms and he drops to his knees, his tongue flicking the tip of Cross' dick until it hardens in his mouth. He takes his time, licking the shaft, cupping the balls, until he's hungrily swallowing the boy down to the root, his handsome, bearded face smashed up against the scant pubes, his throat muscles working up and down as he stimulates his charge.

Adam Snow fucks Logan Cross for Masonic Boys.

Photo courtesy of Masonic Boys.

Moving him to his hands and knees Snow continues the oral ministrations, spreading his cheeks and driving his wet tongue deep into Cross' crack. His mouth opens the twink, his rosebud blooming to take all that Snow has to give. And in a moment, Snow will be offering up a great deal.

Snow takes it nice and slow as he presses against the boy's pucker, popping in, resting, a couple of inches, rest, let him breathe, a couple more inches...you get the idea. The anointing begins. Pretty soon he's all the way in and begins a steady humping, back and forth, easy, not too rough yet. Let him get used to it. Pleasurable bliss tinged with pain passes across Cross' face until he's licking his lips, his eyes blearily shut, and he's backing up into Snow for more.

Snow pushes Cross' face to the floor, his ass up high, and he plants his feet on either side of the twink's thighs. Hovering above him, he searingly impales the boy with his thick meat, ushering a long moan from his bottom as he begins absolute ownership of his asshole, rising above, sinking in deep, over and over.

When he moves Cross to his back, we see how excited this has all made him, his cock stiff, though untouched. He does jack himself, and as Snow dominates his hole with his leg up against the man's chest, he lets Snow grab his shaft and slide up and down, but he doesn't cum. Snow sees to that, edging him achingly until Snow is the one to tense up, muscles flexing, his pace a rapid pummeling now until he unleashes his hot load deep in the anointed's guts.

He pulls out, Cross drips, and he fucks it all back in. Truly anointed indeed.

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