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Next Door Films Releases Episode 2 Of Changes, And It’s Hot As Hell!


Next Door Films released the second episode of their new series, “Changes Episode 2: Moving On” on ASG Max! The first episode was a beautiful tale of three guys (Jayden Marcos, Kane Fox, and Des Irez), who explore love, sex, and each other. It was all wrapped up with a super hot threesome. The second episode opens with Jayden selling the house with sexy and adorable realtor Tony Genius. He looks so handsome in a bowtie as he lays out the open-house cookies, business cards, and home information onto the kitchen counter. He waits what feels like forever for someone to finally show up, and that’s when hunky Kyle Fletcher comes through the front door! Tony shows him around the property, but after the tour he isn’t 100% sold yet. He then strips completely naked and takes a shower in the bathroom. It’s a sultry scene that really makes you wish you were a fly on the wall in that bathroom.

Watch the full scene here!

Andrew Miller catches Tony Genius and Kyle Fletcher, Photo Courtesy of Next Door Films

Photo Courtesy of Next Door Films

Tony hilariously catches Kyle as he gets out of the shower, and he freaks out. Kyle assures him that he is really liking the place, which brings a smile back to Tony’s face. But then Kyle lets him know that he wants to test out the bed with Tony. He drops the towel, and Tony drops to his knees. Tony wraps his lips around Kyle’s gorgeous cock and begins slurping up and down his thick shaft. Tony uses his oral skills to really seal the deal on this sale!

Andrew Miller Sucks Kyle Fletcher While Sucking Tony Genius, Photo Courtesy of Next Door Films

Photo Courtesy of Next Door Films

Suddenly, Andrew Miller walks through the door, looking for Jayden. He clearly doesn’t know that Jayden is selling the house. He then catches Tony sucking Kyle’s cock, I literally lol’d at this part, the acting and comedic setup for that was pure gold. Andrew wants to leave, but Kyle stops him and invites him to make it a threesome. He agrees and they all three start making out. This has to be the hottest open house I’ve ever seen!

Tony Genius Fucks Andrew Miller While Sucking Kyle Fletcher, Photo Courtesy of Next Door Films

Photo Courtesy of Next Door Films

They all start stripping now, pulling out their hard cocks and exploring each other’s bodies. Once they’re all naked, they get on the bed. Kyle sucks Tony while Andrew sucks Kyle. They switch spots and continue slurping each other’s cocks up. Tony then eats Andrew’s tight furry hole, tasting him deeply. He gets his hole wet before pushing his cock into him, penetrating him balls deep as he starts pounding him. Andrew looks so hot getting spit-roasted! They then trade spots, with Kyle fucking his hole, and Andrew sucking Tony. Tony then eats Kyle, and fucks him as well, showing how hard he is willing to work to sell this house! Andrew and Kyle take turns fucking Tony before blowing their loads all over his cock, ripped abs, and pecs in a picture-perfect finish for this amazing installment to the series. This episode was hot as hell, and even slightly passed the first one in terms of the sex scene for me. I cannot wait to see the next episode!

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