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Exclusive Interview with Fleshbot International Stud of the Month, Manuel Reyes


Gay porn star Manuel Reyes shirtless.

There's something special about the men in Spain. With their confident attitude and contagious passion for life, it's no wonder the men of Spain have a reputation for their irresistibility. It's no wonder that Spain's men have long been celebrated as a sexy blend of sex appeal and panty-dropping charisma. Manuel Reyes embodies all of these qualities and so much more. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, Manuel's cum-covered smile that you can catch at the end of most of his scenes. Let's get to know this stud a little more intimately.

Congratulations, Manuel. Tell us, how does it feel to be the Fleshbot International Stud of the Month?

Thank you! I feel very honored, and I’m very happy and flattered you thought of me for Stud of the Month! Thank you.

You're such a natural in front of the camera. How did you first find yourself in the industry?

Well, I’ve been doing it for months, before my first official invitation that came from TimTales. Honestly, I was very happy with the result. I have to say I was a bit nervous but Tim made me feel at ease and was very kind as well! So I decided to keep on going!


What is your favorite cruising spot in Barcelona? Can you share any stories to make our readers drip?

I go cruising from that to time. I usually go with someone who knows more places than me! But the other day I went to the sauna and it was very hot for me having my videos playing and guys coming to me to say hi and, you know, have a taste! And I never say no to my fans...

What is one thing about the men of Barcelona that makes them simply irresistible?

I believe that the men in Barcelona have something special! There must be something in the water, hahaha! Because we always have such nice weather, we are always happy, smiling, and defending the Catalans. We are indeed very friendly people.

What was your favorite thing about your experience shooting with Lucas Entertainment? 

Truth be told I can’t remember anything positive about working for them! If someone seeks my advice and asks me if I think they should shoot for them, it would be a big NO! The owner is very unprofessional and my experience was such a bad one, and there are stories from other models! I think that it’s just a matter of time until the truth comes out! If I could turn back time I would, for sure, erase all memories of working for them.

Tim Krueger is always smiling from ear to ear while dick-deep in a hot dude like yourself.  Can you share with us one thing about TimTales that we wouldn't know simply from watching their productions?

They are way friendly and good people. More than that, you have to experience being on set! And Tim’s cock in person is so, so much better! The videos don't do it justice! After all those years being a fan and now having videos with him was just a dream come true!

Have you entertained the thought of trying out the American porn scene?

I’ve shot with Falcon and Men.com, when they traveled to Spain to do a full-length movie, and yes I’ve been thinking about it and soon I may try my luck!

When you're not working hard what are you likely getting yourself into?

I love to go to the gym. I think it is relaxing and also, of course, works for your body! I also like going out with my friends, going to the beach, and spending as much as I can with my dog, Cheesecake!  Since I was a little one until now, I still play a lot of Pokémon and an aficionado for horror movies!

What is next for Manuel Reyes?

I just go with the flow and see what happens and I am open to everything! I get very excited when I’m nominated for an award but still didn't win anything so working hard towards that! And thank you guys so much for this interview, and to all of my fans, I send lots of kisses and say that without you nothing would’ve been possible!

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