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MuscleBearPorn Brings the Eroticism of Story Time When Daddy Will Angell Snuggles Davin Strong


This story time will give them stories to tell.

There's an incredible eroticism and sensuality that comes with simple touch and the withholding of straight-up sex. Over at MuscleBearPorn, Will Angell knows this and often uses erotic touch and full-body pressing to heightened levels of masculine, sexual connection. Here, along with the versatile muscle stud Davin Strong, they utilize touch, and kink daddy/sub story time role play to get your dick hard, yet showing a shocking lack of flesh and sexual acts you might be expecting. "Bedtime Story" plays with your mind by stimulating your imagination, as well as yer nads.

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Davin Strong and Will Angell for MuscleBearPorn.

Photo courtesy of MuscleBearPorn.

It's bedtime, and time for a story, so Strong, clad in a bright red union suit that barely contains his bulking muscular frame, snuggles in close to daddy Angell. Daddy, also in a union suit unbuttoned conveniently to show off his copious amounts of fur, brings his sub in close, speaking softly, cooing almost in his ear, as the two large manly bodies press tightly against each other. Hands wander here and there, but they hold off on the obvious choices of pawing, rubbing, and ripping off clothes. This is about kinky role play, feeling close, and the eroticism that can elicit.

When Angell is reading a story about an uncle and his farmhands, they layer the taboo, intergenerational kink in a verbal manner that raises the temperature in the room between them. When Angell gently cups Strong's bulging crotch and asks if he understands the story, and Strong mutters, "yes" into the sheets, your own temperature rises as you anticipate what you think is coming. But isn't this the joy of edging? The staving off of sexual climax and keeping the desire at a pleasurably frustrating distance?

Davin Strong and Will Angell for MuscleBearPorn.

Photo courtesy of MuscleBearPorn.

Strong is moved and softly commanded to show off his body for Daddy, flexing those famous arms and pecs, the camera loving his back, his nips, his form. He lays back and lets Angell rub him up and down. He turns over with not-so-innocent intent as Angell unbuttons the covering over his taut ass cheeks, cupping his buns and beginning to finger his hole. Strong grinds his crotch into the mattress and gyrates urgently at this touch. Story time takes on a new meaning.

On his belly, Strong becomes the subtle enticer as Angell finds it increasingly difficult to keep from pouncing. So in the spirit of daddy/sub education, of bringing the uncle story into their realm, Angell climbs on top, mounting his behemoth boy, and enters him as Strong groans and winces into the sheets. Angell talks him through the pressure, opening him up, until he's pumping his load deep into Strong's colon. He dismounts, lays back, and takes his sub back into his arms for some snuggling as they drift off.

Now that's some story time I wouldn't mind experiencing!

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