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“Chi Chi LaRue’s Late Night Drive-In” Brings You Raunchy Filth in These 5 Hook-Ups from NakedSword


Drive in. Drive in deep!

Raunch. It's like irony. Hard to define but you know it when you come across it. Or for these ten hot fuckers, more like "cum" across. Anonymous hookups, filthy jocks, cruising to fuck, man musk. That's what Chi Chi LaRue brings you in Chi Chi LaRue's Late Night Drive-In. These fantasies turned video reality appearing at NakedSword are loaded with an almost retro feel of hyper-masculine hookup sex, the kind we now have to portray in porn because apps have destroyed real-time cat-and-mouse chase-and-catch excitement.

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Luka Phoenix fucks Mike Russo for NakedSword Originals.

Photo courtesy of NakedSword.

Musclebear Mike Russo has just gotten done dancing his shift at the bar and Luka Phoenix sticks around to tell the sweaty, beefy guy what a great job he did. And could he get a private show? Before you know it, they're gobbling cocks and stuffing hairy assholes as they sniff each other's furry cracks and furrier pits. Long lingering whiffs and tastes and bulges inside jockstraps get the dicks throbbing and they flip-fuck each other right there at the bar before before blowing loads and eating cum. Russo spurting his cream onto Phoenix's spread ass then kneeling down to drive his tongue in and lap it was especially tasty.

Aaron Perez sucks Scott Demarco for NakedSword Originals.

Photo courtesy of NakedSword.

I love me a good bathroom hookup, so when Scott Demarco takes Aaron Perez's holes after some gloryhole cocksucking, I was all agog with attention. Demarco notices Perez jacking his meat through the gloryhole, so, of course, he hauls out his impressive tube and shoves it through the hole. Perez does a masterful job of swallowing almost his entire length before joining him on his side of the partition. The cute twunk worships the lean, hard body of Demarco, stuffing his throat before opening his ass for some serious pounding, eventually winding up on the floor, his hole bred and his mouth dripping with the cum he's fed.

Marco Lorenzo sucks Alexander Garrett for NakedSword Originals.

Photo courtesy of NakedSword.

As Marco Lorenzo finishes his workout and gets dressed in the locker room, he has a straight-shot view of hardbody daddy Alexander Garrett and his bulging jock showering off. Garrett notices the attention, poses, juts out his hips, and gets his obvious in to join Lorenzo. He feeds him his dick and rims his hole before he drives that ramrod deep into Lorenzo's asshole, making them both sweat all over again. But yay, another flip-fuck! Garrett gets his, bending over on the bench and opening his spread cheeks for Lorenzo's bomber, jacking his spunk all over the floor as Lorenzo spews over his worn hole before breeding him with the remaining drained jizz.

Amone Bane fucks Andy Adler for NakedSword Originals.

Photo courtesy of NakedSword.

Let's let the twinks play, shall we? Amone Bane is nerdy Andy Adler's attractive bully in detention when he starts becoming amorous with the nervous bookwork. As Bane's gets handsy, Adler finds it difficult to concentrate on his paper when he's being directed to Bane's bulging jeans. Ugh, fine, let's suck dick! Bane pulls it out and Adler shoves it down his throat, anxious the teacher will return, but hey, what can he do? He's soon being bent over the desk, his tight ass rimmed and pounded by Bane's thick meat. On his back, he spews his spunk as Bane blows his own, drenching Adler's pubes then leaning in to lap it up and kiss-feed Adler.

Harvey Bridgestone rims Jordan James for NakedSword Originals.

Photo courtesy of NakedSword.

This all ends on an incredibly scorching high note of down-and-dirty raunch as rutting fuck-hounds Harvey Bridgestone and Jordan James, two hot-as-fuck blonde Musclecubs, cruise each other into torrid, hedonistic banging in a dirty bookstore backroom. Their cruising moves from a parking structure to the street to the shop, where they head to the basement and the playroom. And damn do these two play. With their matching muscular bods, they sniff, lick, and suck cock and ass, spreading each other's cheeks and digging probing tongues deep into holes aching for more. Bridgestone is so turned on, he's blowing thick creamy ropes from his uncut tool over James' handsome beard with just a little cocksucking. Fear not, these two aren't done yet.

I love a topman who services his bottom, and Bridgestone's mouth is made for oral service as he swallows James' cock, slurping his balls, before he spreads that hairy asshole and gets him wet and open. They get into some serious ass-to-mouth back and forth as Bridgestone pummels his bottom stud's backside, pulls out, feeds him, and does this a few more times, fuck-feed-fuck-feed until he needs to shoot again! He lays down and lets James climb on, pounding his prostate from beneath until he's filling James' colon with his second load. That load is then deposited into Bridgstone's open mouth as James squats over his beard. Hey, I told you this was gonna be raunchy! Not satisfied with eating just his own load, our top takes James' spunk straight to his throat as James jacks him more cum to feed on.


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