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Fleshbot On The Scene: 7 Sexy Questions & Slow Reveal With Johnny Ford


Porn star Johnny Ford shirtless.

Hello, hello, hello! I am coming to you live with some salacious behind-the-scenes gossip from the Missionary Boys set featuring the sexy Johnny Ford! I’ve been a fan of his work for a long time now. Way longer than I’ve known him. We met a while back through a mutual friend at a party and I immediately said, “I know you! I’m familiar with your work.” Sometimes words just come flying out of my mouth and try as I might—I can’t stop them. It’s the Aries in me. Thankfully, Johnny is a lovely human and didn’t seem to mind at all.


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I was so happy when I arrived at the set and saw that Johnny Ford was one of the models for the day! He’s so handsome, and I have a weakness for a man with a well-maintained beard. And those beautiful eyes of his make my knees quiver. But on this day I was focused and professional! I needed to get the scoop for all of you! If you’ve seen Johnny’s Twitter, you can probably tell that he’s mostly a top. And why wouldn’t he be?! He’s got that massive uncut hammer between his legs. It’s insane! And I can confirm it looks even bigger in person. But for this shoot, Johnny was going to be bottoming. And he’s got a beautiful butt as well, so no complaints here.


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In my interview with Johnny Ford, I asked him what he loved the most about his co-star Tyler’s body. He talked about Tyler’s dick, specifically the head. Johnny talked about how it hits the spot just right. I asked him the same question in regards to his own body and he also said his dick. No surprises here, the dick is lovely and statuesque. I was curious to know what sort of naughty things Johnny Ford had in his nightstand, and his answer was illuminating. He said besides lube and poppers, he has a ball gag, a 12-inch dildo, and rope. As far as his taste in porn, Johnny likes to watch lots of sketchy cruising videos. And his number one sex tip is to relax! It should be fun for everyone, and stressing out too much can make it harder (no pun intended) to perform.


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Johnny Ford is a tall beautiful hunk of a man, who knows how to perform! He’s a true professional and such a gentleman. Be sure to follow him everywhere (links below) and check out his full video interview below. There’s also a sexy slow reveal as well, where we get to see more of Johnny and his body-ody-ody.

Slow Reveal

7 Sexy Questions

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