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Jax Thirio Teaches CS Stud Evan West A Lesson For Young Perps


Getting in trouble is no fun, until it is. September Cybersocket Stud, Evan West gets apprehended by security guard Jax Thirio in the new scene “An Attitude Problem” from Young Perps! Jax attempts to get to the bottom of a hacking situation that was done by Evan, but he is not willing to cooperate. That’s when Jax has to use some… alternative methods to get him to talk. He pulls down his pants and shoves Evan’s face into his ass, making him eat his hole. He then rips off his clothes until he’s completely naked. Jax pulls out his cock and shoves it into Evan’s warm mouth. Evan doesn’t put up much of a fight once Jax’s girthy dick is sliding in and out of his mouth.

Jax Thirio rims Evan West, Photo Courtesy of Young Perps

Photo Courtesy of Young Perps

Jax guides Evan’s mouth down to his smooth balls where his tongue licks and sucks them into his mouth. He goes back to fucking Evan’s pretty face, hard and fast. Evan’s very talented with his mouth as he doesn’t even gag once. He then bends Evan over the table and spreads his ass cheeks open. Jax dives in tongue-first as he rims and tastes Evan’s delicious hole. He slides a finger in before going back to licking it. The whole time Evan is moaning and saying, “yes sir” like a good boy.

Jax Thirio fucks Evan West, Photo Courtesy of Young Perps

Photo Courtesy of Young Perps

Jax then makes Evan finger his own hole, sliding it in and out as Jax takes his pants off. Once fully naked, Jax presses his thick cock against his hole. He then presses his dick balls deep inside Evan’s hole and begins to pound him. He fucks him hard and fast as he thrusts his dick in and out of him, filling him with cock. Evan moans loud as he feels Jax’s big dick stretching his little hole out more and more. He then flips him on his back and fucks him in missionary.

Jax Thirio fucks Evan West, Photo Courtesy of Young Perps

Photo Courtesy of Young Perps

Jax continues to pound Evan, this time even harder. Evan moans and beats his own hard uncut dick as Jax pumps him over and over again. The table bangs against the wall with each thrust of Jax’s dick into Evan. While getting power fucked, Evan beats his dick until he cums all over his abs—so hot! He then has Evan get on his knees and suck his dick, tasting his own hole. He slurps up and down his thick shaft, using his hand as well for maximum pleasure. Jax finally shoots his load into Evan’s mouth and all over his face. Such a hot scene, and a great pairing!

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