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Men At Play Plays Cop Against Businessman With Beefy Suited Euro-Bears in “Informant”


There's criminal activity afoot at Men At Play, and Detective Little Braco is on the case in "Informant." He's attempting to ferret out the mastermind and discovers that Leo La Rosa, the man he's been collecting evidence against, is but a pawn in a larger organization. In order to turn La Rosa into an informant, Braco's going to have to put out some hefty bribing, and also put out his meaty ass.

We open on these two beefy, hirsute hotties, one Italian and one Chilean in the interrogation room as Braco is trying to put the screws to La Rosa. We assume when he aggressively places La Rosa's hand on his bulging crotch that he'll be jumping in the top bunk. And for a while, as La Rosa is pressed to his knees and filling his mouth with thick, uncut cop dick, it looks like he'll be trading his asshole of this freedom.

La Rosa partakes of the copper's rod. Photo courtesy of Men At Play 

But things aren't always as they seem.When Braco stands and turns, bending over the desk and pushing his humpy ass in La Rosa's face, you know the tables have turned.

He drops trou, revealing his gorgeously beefy, furry thighs and butt cheeks, and spreads his hairy hole for La Rosa's tongue to delve into. He dives in like a hungry urchin, lapping and drooling all over that crack to the music of Bravo's moans and groans.

Standing, he swiftly penetrates Braco's hole and quickly gets to pumping the detective with long, sturdy thrusts. Dear lord do these two look incredible as the shorty, meatier cop gets pummeled by the tatted, gruff-looking criminal.

Braco's kind of a pig, swallowing the uncut pole that was just pumping his hole when La Rosa pulls out, waving it in his direction. Braco can't get enough of that slab, gagging and deep-throating it with hungry swiftness before climbing on top to ride it hard.

Photo courtesy of Men At Play 

Whether facing La Rosa or turned from him, Braco gets to be in charge as he basically rapes himself on the man's incredible cock, grinding down and raising up, back and forth, filling his hairy ass with as much man-meat as he can get.

In the reverse position, he fervently jacks his own thick beef until the cream is flowing through his fingers and down his shaft. Now it's time to eat, when he's shoved to the ground and fed spurts of La Rosa's own hot cum, splattering his face and dripping to his suit.

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