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Cybersocket’s Holiday Gift Guide: Gold Star Gifts Under $100 For Gold Star Gays


As 2022 comes to a close, we hope you didn’t just survive this past year—we hope you thrived. From Bear Weeks to Pride Parades, from the sand dunes of Fire Island to the dark rooms of WeHo clubs, we’re grateful for the memories and even more grateful for the Good Judies we made them with. For the most important queers in your life, it’s time to show them how much they truly mean to you. Welcome to Cybersocket’s Gold Star Gift Guide, where we’ve assembled our favorite gifts under $100 from queer-owned businesses around the world. Grab those Benjamins, and don’t forget to treat yourself too.

Planet i The Platinum Sunglasses


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The intergalactic beings from Planet i have returned to Earth once more, and they come bearing gifts! Our favorites are the Platinum sunglasses made in collaboration with NYC designer Austin James Smith. Featuring a stainless steel frame and an iridescent lens available in several colors, these shades are worthy of any Alien Superstar.

$70 on planeti.world.

Simon Malvaez HONOR THEM Risograph

SF-based queer artist Simon Malvaez knows a thing or two about honoring the male body. His signature style often exhibits thin-lined, geometric portraits of men against bold and colorful backgrounds. His new HONOR THEM Risograph captures this same flair but with a soft reminder that we should all be kind to our emotional selves. Say your daily affirmations and remember that your body is a temple with this beautiful print.

$50 on simonmalvaez.com.

Project Claude Wingman Chest Harness & Pouch

If you’re assembling the troops for your next circuit party, come strapped with the Wingman Chest Harness from Project Claude. It’s an elastic chest harness that comes fitted with the Wingman Pouch, which is designed specifically for storing poppers, keys, cockrings, cash, and any other rations. When you're deep in the trenches on a night out, Project Claude’s here to serve. 

$100 on projectclaude.com.

Jonathan Adler Cock-Tail Coasters

Like Mrs. Kasha Davis said, "There’s always time for a cocktail.” And paired with the Cock-Tail coasters from Jonathan Adler, we couldn’t agree more. These porcelain coasters strike a balance between cheeky and luxury with bold designs that feature real gold accents. Flip a coin--whether you get “Cock” or “Tail,” everyone’s a winner here.

$95 on jonathanadler.com.

FANG Eyelet Strap Back Tank


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A post shared by FANG (@fang.nyc)

NYC designer FANG is known for unique clothing that experiments with exposure, proportions, and materials. This year, we have our eyes on the Eyelet Tank that features an exposed back with four adjustable buckle straps in the rear. It’s daring, gender-bending, and fashion forward all at the same time, yet it’s designed with comfort at the forefront. Sink your teeth into this hot look from FANG today.

$86 on fang.nyc.

Tantus’ Prostate Play Vibrator 


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A post shared by Tantus, Inc. (@tantusinc)

We all have those friends we tell everything to—and we mean everything. If you’re that close with your bestie, help them get close with the Prostate Play Vibrator from Tantus. This silicone prostate massager bends with the body’s natural curves, and with three different speeds, this toy really cranks playtime into the next gear. It’s hypoallergenic, waterproof, and sure to keep you coming back for more.

$63 on tantusinc.com.

Tom of Finland Fellows Kitchen Apron

Tom’s cooking some meat in his kitchen, and he’s got the apron to prove it. Made in collaboration with Scandanavian textile company Finlayson, the Fellows Apron adapts the classic Tom of Finland style onto the kitchen’s most iconic apparel item. Shantay, sauté, serve up some looks in this apron from the refrigerator to the runway.

$60 on cultureedit.com.

Boy Smells Woodphoria Fragrance


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A post shared by Boy Smells (@boy__smells)

Hey, we all love a man’s natural scent, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be complimented with some natural fragrances. Enter “Woodphoria” by BoySmells. This gender-neutral fragrance combines elements of cardamom, fig leaves, sandalwood, suede, and more into a perfume that celebrates nature’s most intoxicating scents. One whiff of this and the boys won’t be able to get enough. 

$98 on boysmells.com.

Sir Palladium Collar by SIRAINER

If your sub’s been a good boy this year, reward their obedience with the Sir Palladium Collar. Made by Italian leather brand SIRAINER, this 7cm wide BDSM collar is the perfect fetish accessory for anyone in tune with their submissive side. The interior of the collar is lined with soft-padded leather, while the outside is equipped with three rings that can support rope, leashes, or padlocks. It’s a versatile collar that can do it all, even when your sub is a total bottom. 

$83 on cultureedit.com.

LeatherDaddy Skin Co Sampler Gift Set

Beneath all that leather, Daddy needs to show his skin some love. Make sure your Sir has his self-care moment with the Gift Sampler from LeatherDaddy Skin Co. This set includes a body wash, lotion, balm, scrub, and beard oil designed with fragrances like scotch and vanilla that are meant to compliment leather. No matter how rough you are in the bedroom, be gentle to your skin with this Sampler Set. 

$52 on leatherdaddyskin.com.

Black and White Tom’s Full Service Swim Trunks


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Winter may be here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fantasize about those summer days in P-Town or Mykonos. If speedos aren’t your thing, you can still join the party with Tom of Finland’s Full Service Swim Trunks. These swim shorts contain pockets, a 4” seam, and a mesh liner to keep your goods supported til the sun sets and the moon comes out.

$69 on homoco.co.

Jonathan Johnson X Bruce LaBruce Rings

From the brilliant minds of filmmaker Bruce LaBruce and German designer Jonathan Johnson comes a jewelry collection that truly bares it all. These rings celebrate our gay lexicon with words like “Bitch,” “Daddy,” “Pig,” “Fucker,” so that you can wear your heart on your sleeve...or finger. And with designs ranging from Rhodium-plated brass to real Sterling silver, there’s something for everyone in this stunning collection.

Starting at $84 on lovedbythesun-com.myshopify.com.

The Big Penis Book

Reading isn’t just for drag queens, honey. With The Big Penis Book, you’ll become a scholar in no time. This iconic coffee table book contains over 400 photos showing the evolution of our favorite subject in nude photography. This page-turner is the perfect gift for anyone looking to turn heads in their home.

$60 on cultureedit.com.

The Leather Man NYC’s Leather Worker Cap

After a hard day’s work, slip into something more comfortable...like the Leather Worker Cap from The Leather Man NYC. Made with textured cow leather and a soft brim, it’s the perfect accessory for anyone looking to be their Sir’s right hand man. 

$80 on the-leather-man-inc.shoplightspeed.com.

Today is Art Day’s David Michelangelo Statue

If you spent all your vacation money on Fire Island, fret not. Bring your Italian fantasy to life with the David Michelangelo statue by Today is Art Day. This ombre resin statue pays tribute to history’s most iconic nude man and is an excellent gift for anyone who appreciates both art and the male physique.

$80 on cultureedit.com.


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