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Young Bastards Has an Oral Scene So Hot You Won’t Miss the Anal


You're hungry. You need your mouth filled, something long and hard and fleshy sliding between your lips, over your tongue, and down your throat. Maybe something a bit too large for the opening, so you need to work it, to open your throat, as you've trained them, to accommodate the penetrating shaft. It presses insistently, and you control your breathing, flaring your esophagus, and it slips in an inch or two more. You gag a bit, creating extra spit that drools out the side of your mouth as your eyes water. And you fucking love it.

Never has a quarter-pound beef hotdog ever tasted so good. Costco really has a thing going there!

Oh, wait, no. Sorry. I was talking about sucking cock. Sorry, I just had lunch.

Over at Young Bastards ("The Rough Playground") they have two uncredited Latino young men engaged in just the above-described activity. Well, actually since it's called "Sucking His Big Straight Cock" you can guess that only one guy is engaged in the above-described activity. The other is lying back and enjoying the hell out of it!

These two slender yet muscular, heavily tatted bros hit the ground running as Green Hat gets his mouth on Top's nipples. Not something a straight guy usually gets into, until he discovers his nipples, then it's almost all he wants. Some kissing, some nip sucking as hands wander over engorged bulges protruding from their pants, and before you know it Green Hat's mouth is stuffed to overflowing with delicious uncut meat. His cock is pretty stunning; long and thick with a fully hooded head, his foreskin stretching over the tip even when fully hard.

Green Hat can't get it down his throat fast enough! He spends copious amounts of time licking the shaft, cupping the low hanging huevos, taking his time as he works his way up to the challenge of deep-throating this beast.

Top cops a feel. Photos courtesy of Young Bastards

Once he's feeling ready to go, he opens wide, slips his lips over the head, and voraciously devours the waiting snake. Up and down his head bobs as Top unnecessarily puts his hand on the back of his head. Dude, Green Hat has this! He's soon sucking that monster down to the hilt like the best lot lizard that ever worked a Walmart parking lot, hungrily slurping, making our straight Top realize what he's been missing all these years.

After this, he ain't gonna be wasting that on chicks!

Standing, the camera moves slowly around the pair as we get a 360° view of cock, bare ass, and a jacking bottom. With his hands on Green Hat's head, Top forces his length deep down his gullet, face-fucking him as the drool drips down his cheeks, his balls slapping his buddy's chin in rhythm to his pumping.

Photos courtesy of Young Bastards

Back on the bed, Green Hat's naked buns are lightly explored as he moves in all positions, taking Top's cock from a variety of angles until, spent and eager, he opens his mouth wide, tongue lolling forth, to take the creamy strands of spunk Top jacks from his balls straight into Green Hat's waiting face.

Watch the full scene at Young Bastards by hitting that banner below.

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