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Did Holy-Shit-Hot French Pro Tennis Stars Fabien Reboul and Maxence Broville Just Come Out As A Couple?!


French professional tennis beaux Fabien Reboul posted a photo of he and fellow French tennis stud Maxence Broville kissing, both wearing the official outfits (kits) from the Slade Toulousain Tennis Club, of which they are both members. Some fans questions if the pics are legit (versus just your standard str8 bro teammates thirst trapping for the fans), but it is worth noting that Reboul wrote above the image, "I did not fall in love with you, your love pushed me to it." which is so damn sweet I can't even deal with it.

If these two were Americans, I'd look at those tight fades and well-cropped beards and say, "Gayyy!" But they're French, so... who knows? Though neither athlete has publicly commented on the pictures, Broville re-posted the image to his own IG stories with the " " emoji. Also worth noting is that within the pics Reboul shared is one of the two looking into passionately into each other's eyes.

If the two are indeed a couple, it will mark the first time the Association of Tennis Professionals had a gay couple. I choose to hope for this to be the case, particularly because the two will also quickly be one of the sexiest couples out there. What do you think?

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