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Where Are They Now: Trevor Knight Talks His 10-Inch Dick, His Studios Days as a Porn God, & Coming Back on OnlyFans


With his toned and tanned bod, that deceitfully innocent face, and a 10-inch tool, Trevor Knight was destined to be a porn star in any decade, but he was perfect material for the porn in the 2000s. He made a great splash at both Falcon and Hot House before retiring fairly early. He leaves behind a solid body (of work...) and says he may not be finished! He joined Cybersocket for an update on where he is now.

Tell us how and why you came to the adult entertainment industry?
I was working in a fully nude strip club in Providence RI and we used to hire porn stars. DC Chandler was one of them and we hit it off right away. Meaning we gave each other blowjobs before our sets on stage. It was always a friendly gesture to “help” each other out before you went on stage. Well, he took some random pics of me for what I thought was his own personal collection. Little did I know, he was sending them to his producer at Studio2000. They reached out to me about two days later explaining that DC sent my pictures to them. They said I’d have a plane ticket in my email in less than 24hrs if I wanted to film a scene. I had no time to debate it with myself. I was on a flight in like 2 days and headed to California. The rest is history.
What were some of the highlights and lowlights of being a porn star? 
Don’t have many low parts of being a porn star, except fans interrupting me when it’s not appropriate. Like family dinners or the casino with my sister sitting right there. My family is very aware of what I did. Hell, they definitely saw box covers and articles. The highlights: I was a porn star! I loved getting emails from couples saying watching me got them in the “mood” or younger ones saying I was the first guy they were attracted to and therefore getting them to realize they were gay. Those are the moments that made it really worth it.
What were some of your favorite scenes and why?
It’s cheesy but I personally never watched a scene I was in. We are our worst critics. I know one I still get emails about. The alphabet scene I did for Suite 703 really made people go crazy. People still scream out loud in a club, "Please say the alphabet!!"
Who were some of your favorite fellow performers and why?
Again, I found a way to find something attractive about everyone I worked with. Shane Rollins in Justice was crazy hot.
Anybody you didn't work with?
Brent Corrigan. While he was a very attractive guy, I still knew him when the cameras were not rolling. He’s got a lot of baggage that tends to follow him everywhere. That’s just not my thing and I believe the chemistry wouldn’t be right.
What brought about your exit?
MONEY. I only filmed because the money was great. They started offering less and less. At that point, it wasn’t worth it for me. I never made porn to be famous. I did it for the money. If the money isn’t there, neither am I.
What has your life been like since leaving the industry? How are you today?
I’m really happy. I’d never change anything really. Well except for some random infection I got in two vertebrae. It crumbled both vertebrae. I had to have two major operations in one week. They removed both vertebrae and put in two metal ones and fused L2-S1. My lower back is all metal! They anchored it with a 3-inch screw in both hip bones. So needless to say, I’ve only been recovering for the last few months. I have a boyfriend and we just had our three-year anniversary. Throughout my career, I always had a boyfriend. I always had a boyfriend. Maybe that’s what kept my head on straight. Stability was key. I never got too crazy because I always had a home to take care of.
How do you look back on your time in the business? How do you think it impacted your life today?
I loved it! I would change a thing. I never got addicted to drugs and always kept a level head so it was a GREAT RIDE. Granted, I don’t think the guys today know what it used to be like… Studios treated you like gold. You got anything in the world you wanted. Night clubs picked you up in a stretched-out car and your name was in lights and beautiful hotels. I just can’t imagine it’s the same with the advent of OnlyFans and others…
Would you ever consider a comeback?
Probably. The money has to be there. I was smart with my money all along so I’m pretty comfortable and I don’t care to be “famous” so they would have to show me some good money..
PS: Come visit my OnlyFans!! TheTrevorKnight.. I film my own personal sex life. No corny acting. Just me fucking my real-life boyfriend. Real action.

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