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Pioneer of Glory Holes Died and The Internet Celebrated His Memory


It was posthumously revealed that one of Australia's pioneers of glory holes passed away recently, and shared his secret with almost nobody. I say almost because one Reddit user in New Castle, New South Wales, Australia posted about a friend he and his wife made years ago who passed away recently and he wanted to pay tribute to him after his death, while keeping his name anonymous out of respect for his privacy.

In his post titled, "The old guy that used to make the glory holes throughout the region passed away", Reddit user @Eel_intent wrote:

"I won't use his real name, because y'know, that'd be weird. We'll just call him Gary.

Missus and I met Gary when we moved into our home a couple of years ago and struck up a friendship with Gary when walking past his yard and patting his floofy little dogs on. Within that first conversation; after getting to know us a bit first, Gary went on to reveal that it was he who pioneered the installation of glory holes throughout Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast, and certain parts of Maitland. Gary made it his misson [sic] to install cock sockets in the beats of the region so no curious man's penis would need remain dry."

He goes on to talk about the years he spent putting them in, and how most of them were patched up, and then finished with a sweet, "I just wanted to put something out there for a man who was, in many ways, an underappareciated [sic] part of the city's infrastructure. Thanks."

Well, the internet (mostly) agreed! Other Reddit users flooded the comments with comments like,
“I’m curious what’s going to be on his headstone? Maybe drill a hole through the top in his remembrance?” While others were more concerned about what would happen to the aforementioned "floofy dogs," which the original poster (OP) assured them were being taken care of, saying, “Dogs have gone to the dude he was kinda seeing (not really his bf) in Sydney.”

Some took umbrage with the fact that he was vandalizing public property, while others were concerned about unwanted dicks showing up while they're in the stall, or even worse, minors accidentally seeing them. The OP didn't disagree, but also saw the larger picture. “I get what you are saying,” he wrote. “I even agree with it. However, I am all acceptant of the environment we created together on both sides of the sexual preference pool. Gary was never going to change. Gary had trauma, and intimacy for Gary was something done with stealth and little bit of naughtiness.”

RIP, "Gary" and now enjoy eternal rest in the existential glory hole.

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