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Cybersocket Peach of the Week: Eric “Dance Comet” Evans


Los Angeles might be known as the City of Angels, but it's also the City of Asses. There are as many top shelf asses on display in LA as there are people who came there to work in Hollywood. One of LA's most beautiful asses belongs to Eric "Dance Comet" Evans, who can often be found dancing at Precinct for our weekly VPL underwear party. It also just so happens, Eric's partner, JFlo Lefty, is the proud owner of another epic LA ass, butt we'll save that fun for another day. Today is all about Eric and his perfect, muscle bubble butt. A fitness expert, Eric's entire body is a work of art, but the masterpiece is that booty. And yes, he can make it clap. Now get ready for some tasty peach as we spotlight some of our favorite pics of Eric Comet Evans, our Cybersocket's Peach of the Week.

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