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Men At Play Gets Wet and Wild With Suited Spaniards Dani Robles and Justin Jett


How many kinks can we throw into one simple scene? Men At Play (nearing the end of their huge Cyber Week Sale happening now until Dec. 4th!) is adept at keeping a few kinks in the air as we can pick one or two to focus on as the others go about spinning. In "Wet Groomsman," we find swarthy Muscle Bear Daddies Dani Robles and Justin Jett in their suits splashing about in a large pool, and lets throw in some sock and foot worship to boot!

These two are deadly handsome with their thick dark beards, fine muscular forms, and piercing Spanish eyes as they strip, but not too much, and let their hyper masculine flesh free.

Robles has disappeared from his wedding reception and his best bud Jett has gone to find him. Tucked away in the secluded resort he finds Robes in an even more secluded indoor pool, stripped down to his sheer socks, shirt and tie. In an attempt to coax him from the pool Jett winds up falling in fully clothed. And from there it's only natural that the two men fall into each other's arms, kissing and tousling about as their strong hands feel each other up, drunkenly groping to satisfy their base desires.

Jett (L) fills Robles mouth. Photo courtesy of Men At Play

The playful interaction between these two handsome studs is palpable as they laugh and tease while their boners grow bigger in their trousers. Robles notices Jett's and begins massaging him through his pants as Jett still tries to get him to return to the party. But Robles' party is clearly more fun and he gets Jett's throbbing meter free and into his hungry mouth, sucking the thick meat into his hawt bearded face as Jett throws his head back in clear rapturous lust.

Robles is always a slutty bottom eager for cock, so in fine form he stands, turns and sinks his muscular furry ass down onto Jett's pole, grinding down until he's enveloped the hardness deep into his ass, bobbing up and down on it, basically raping himself as Jett sit back and enjoys the sensations.

Jett gets into some sock fetish play. Photo courtesy of Men At Play

Jett enjoys some oral as well, taking a rest to tongue fuck Robles' just-fucked hole and laying him back to take his own impressive pipe down his gullet as the bottom get to face fuck his top. But his oral continues down to his socked feet as Robles stick his foot in Jett's mouth to let the oral bottom's tongue work its magic over his foot and between his toes, scoring the sheer fabric in his mouth.

Robles has a fantastic body, broad chest with a few tats and fine, dark hair spreading across, with his powerful legs and ass. The whole package looks delectable as he lays back, raises his legs, and lets Jett enter him once more, pounding away until his pushed over the edge, stands and unleashes a torrent of jizz all over his buddy's shirt and tie. And as for Jett's spunk? Well that naturally winds up shot onto Robles' stockinged foot as Jett jacks vigorously until the foot is smeared within juice.

Check out the full video at Men At Play and take advantage of the last days of their Cyber Week Sale by hitting that banner below.

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