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Young Perps Offers Up a Torrid Threeway…and a Sale!


When ya get busted stealing over at Young Perps, dontcha wish you'd just taken advantage of their awesome Black Friday Sale going on now until Dec. 1st? Woulda saved you so much time and hassle. But then, you wouldn't be getting kicked from both ends by Jax Thirio and Johnny Ford! Maybe this is what Carter DelRey was planning all along in their torrid threeway "Not So Innocent?"

Okay, it turned out he wasn't stealing. He was just sucking married dick in the mall restroom. What's wrong with that? It's not like he was charging for it...that we know of. When security guard Ford busts the bleached-blonde twink red handed with the evidence right there in his, um, mouth, he hauls the kid into the interrogation room. When he learns the frightened boy has a girlfriend and not-too-accepting family, the guard turns the situation to his advantage.

(L-R) Ford, DelRey, Thirio Photo curtesy of Young Perps

Ford texts his buddy and fellow guard Thirio with a "code 69" and the older muscleman comes running. Faced with two guards in their uniforms, the slender kid, sans pants, is at a distinct disadvantage as he's on his knees begging for mercy, pleading, "I'll do whatever you want." Don't they all say that?

The two guards are physically gruff with him, pull his head back by his hair, slapping at his dangling cock and balls with their shoe, all the while their hard-ons are growing firmer as they verbally humiliate the boy. Fuck yeah, he'll do whatever they want!

He's face is pushed into Thirio's crotch, swallowing his daddy dick down as Ford's trimmed beard tickles his crack as he tongues his tender hole, spit lubing it for the finger that eventually goes plumbing. His mouth is stretch and his hole is stretched, just where the two rapey guards want him.

Up against the wall, Ford is first to penetrate his ass, pushing him against the wall as he invades his backside while Thirio plants some rough kisses on his boyish face. Flipping positions, it's Thirio's turn to feel the silken tight insides this kid is offering up.

Photo curtesy of Young Perps

What follows is a series of positions in which the two guards take full advantage of the power structure at play here, each moving back and forth between ass and mouth as DelRey's holes are used and abused...delightfully so. As his moans of protestation morph into groans of need and passion, the two older men realize there's nothing they can't do with this toy.

Having had their fill, DelRey is shoved to his knees to give them one final suck off before they're both jacking thick creamy loads all over his face, which excites the kid to no end, spilling his own seed all over the floor.

Watch the whole scene and get those saving at Young Perps by hitting that banner below.

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