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Masqulin Celebrates the Holidays When Benjamin Blue Gets Threeway Stuffed With More than Turkey


It's great to be home for the holidays, especially when those holidays involves a sale to be had! In "Back From College" the lively trio of Gabriel Clark, Benjamin Blue and Aiden Jacobs are reunited for an awesome threeway, and Masqulin's the place to check out their action. It's also the place to save big during their Cyber Week Sales event now through Dec. 4th where they're offering $99 annual memberships on all Pinstripe sites!

Jacobs has returned home, not wanting to miss the annual dinner event of Clark, his former fuckbuddy. He's bringing along his new fuckbuddy Blue and, well, it's more than a turkey that gets stuffed! These three studs are so horned up from their time apart from each other that before the dinner and drinks, they use each others' dicks and asses as appetizers. (Side note, I don't know who the older woman playing Clark's mother is but she's adorable. I love when gay porn incorporates women into their storylines.)

(Top to Bottom) Jacobs, Clark, Blue. Photo courtesy of Masqulin

After introductions are made and mom leaves for the store, it's a matter of moments before Jacobs has cajoled Clark to experience Blue's cocksucking abilities. Without leaving the table, Blue is on his knees swallowing Clark's beautiful uncut dick. Watching this, Jacobs is understandably turned on, standing and moving to their side giving both Blue and Clark access to his own tasty meat.

Wanting more to eat than dick, Clark turns Blue around and spreads his sweet cheeks, diving in and tonguing him senseless as he spit lubes his tender hole for banging.  Bending him over he easily slides his uncut pipe deep in Blue's hole as Blue and Jacobs kiss. Being the horned up cock slut he is (hey, his words!) he's soon got Jacobs' thick dick down his throat, and it's a torrid spit roast right there over Mom's holiday table.

Photo courtesy of Masqulin

Watching all this incredible action has Jacobs yearning for his old buddy to fill his needy hole, and he's switching positions with Blue, pushing him aside so he can squat down on top of Clark's manhood fresh from Blue's ass. Riding that cock has Jacob's reliving yesteryear with a chance to prove himself just as slutty as Blue. So when he's done with the past, he moves into the present and lays back for Blue's dick to pump his stretched hole.

Slamming Jacobs, Blue displays his versatility until he's pushed over the edge, pulling out as shooting a torrent of jizz over his torso and onto his face and mouth, while almost simultaneously, Clark further coats Jacobs' chest with his own slick spunk.

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