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Dad Creep Finds Derek Allen Punishing His Stepson Mott Hunter…Again. Jeez, That Kid!


Over at Dad Creep, stepdad Derek Allen just can't get a break with his feisty stepson Mott Hunter. But you can get a break when it comes to savings when you sign up during Say Uncle's Black Friday Sale going on now through Dec. 1st! Okay, sorry, that pitch was a bit heavy-handed, granted, but still...hot dudes fucking and you save some dough? Who's not gonna wanna treat themselves to that?

In "Homeschooling" Hunter obstinately sits around playin games as he tells his increasingly frustrated dad he's getting ready for school. Until Dad watches the bus pass by and Hunter's still on the couch, ignoring him. We've seen these two in action previously and what happens when Hunter ignores his handsome father; I'm starting to think this is a welcomed pattern with Hunter. It's not so much "punishment" as it is "teach me a lesson, please."

When it's clear the kid is skipping school, Allen's anger boils over and he decides to teach Hunter a lesson. Forcing him to bend over, he takes his belt in hand and gives the boy some smacks across his backside. As Hunter cries out, Allen mutters "yeah...fuck yeah..." belying his intentions as solely fatherly discipline. He orders Hunter to undress, and instead of more wallops with the leather, he gets down behind him and spreads his slender cheeks, digging his hot bearded face deep between as his tongue lolls out, lapping and slurping ate the boy's crack.

A taste of dad. Photo curtesy of Dad Creep

Allen is a champion rimmer, getting in deep and delivering both pleasure and discipline as he goes back and forth between making the boy squirm with delight, and flinch at the smack of his hand on his buttocks. He spits, he fingers the hole, he tongue fucks, he spanks, he verbally chides...it all becomes a miasma of painfully pleasurable sensations.

Standing, he orders his son to suck his dick, and it seems Hunter is getting used to having to do this, getting better at it each time. With his hands on the back of Hunter's head he stuffs his shaft deep down his throat, verbally chastising him and calling him names as he fucks his mouth. It's filthy, dirty, and hot as the kid reaches for breath when he can, choking on dick and desperate to breath.

Photo curtesy of Dad Creep

Bent over, Hunter is mercilessly plowed by the older man, his asshole taken in vigorous thrusts of Allen's hips, driving him into the couch. The verbal abuse at some point morphs into kinder declarations of "Good boy...yeah, that's it...feels good?"

On his back Hunter's legs are spread and Allen takes himself selfishly over the edge, humping away until his muscular body clenches and goes rigid as he leans in close, dumping his spunk deep in his son's stretched and abused hole. Maybe a proper breeding will teach the kid some manners? Or maybe he'll fuck around again, just so they can fuck around again.

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