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Scout Boys: Ryan St. Michael Teaches Young Colton Fox to Hang a Hammock…At Least That’s What the Kids Are Calling It These Days


OH MY GOD! I just understood the play on words behind Colton Fox's nom de porn! Colton Fox...colt and fox! Of which he is both, a young stud colt and a total fox. Okay, sorry, went off the rails right at the start there. Anyway, in Scout Boy's recent pairing of Fox with the tall and handsomely hirsute Ryan St. Michael in "Tying Knots," the two wind up putting their recently strung hammock to better use than just laying around on a sunny afternoon. When there's dick and ass to be had at hand, go ahead and have it.

Nothing combines a few kinks at once quite like the scouting kink: daddy/boy, uniform, toying with the idea of underage without it actually being underage, outdoors...this scene like its predecessors ticks off several boxes. When Fox successfully accomplishes a knot he is taught, he's rewarded with his scoutmaster's tongue down his throat as he's pulled into St. Michael's strong arms, held close, and passionately kissed.

What does the Fox say? Mmmmphlaarrggth! Photo curtesy of Scout Boys

As they hold each other close, chests are exposed, uniform trousers are dropped, and cocks flop out. Naturally, the scoutmaster can't keep his hands off his handsome young charge, and he wants to make him feel as comfortable as possible. Dropping to his knees St. Michael takes Fox into this mouth and lingers over the boy's cock and balls, making him moan into the breeze.

Fox of course does an equally lusty job on his leader's shaft, swallowing it to the hilt, eager to please, and get it properly prepped for his young and tender hole. Flipped around to face the tree, Fox's cheeks are spread and deeply plumbed as St. Michael tongues his twitching asshole, obliging him with a thorough tongue fuck before suggesting they get in the hammock. I mean, c'mon, it's right there to use!

Photo curtesy of Scout Boys

While there may not be a lot of variety to the positions they choose to fuck in, who needs variety when you have such comfort? A good hammock acts much like a leather sling, and these two put it to good use as Fox lays back, legs spread wide, and his asshole plumbed as St. Michael sinks easily in and begins pumping. In the woods, no one can hear you moan loudly, and if they do, well, they're welcome to join!

These two look great together, the smooth, nubile flesh of the youngster humped and rocked as the tall, hairy older man towers over him, pumping him until Fox is spurting strand after strand of thick jizz. And what of St. Michael's cumshot? Well, that's for another video.

By the way, still don't think scouting doesn't lead to kink? Consider this rope-themed meme:

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