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DaddySexFiles: Mike Dreyden and Colby Keller in “Woodland Dick Discovery”


There's really nothing like heading out to a park or beach or some other out of the way public place, and coming across a dude or two groping themself or getting it on with someone else. Or a few someone elses! Such is the scenario in "Woodland Dick Discovery" over at DaddySexFiles when a bating Mike Dreyden is discovered off the beaten path by a wandering and horny Colby Keller. Let the Daddy fun begin!

Dreyden is a hunky Muscle Bear with dark features and a gorgeous hairy beefy bod. He's up against a tree with his cock in his hand, enjoying the solitude as he strokes his shaft. Solitude, sure, but just maybe he's hoping someone might wander by. Taut and muscular Keller spies him from a distance and begins grabbing at his own throbbing package, eventually pulling out his famous slab and letting it hang in the sun.

Keller (L) gets Dresden's attention.

Whether it's the snapping of twigs or the big dick in his hand, he grabs Dreyden's focus and saunters up to join the jacking stud, who is quick to get his mouth around Keller's schlong. Shot from below the two look incredible as Keller's length and girth is swallowed by Dreyden's handsome face, their sweating furry forms glistening in the sun.

Keller gives Dreyden equal attention kneeling in the dirt and worshiping the at the altar of his crotch, sucking away as Dreyden tweaks his luscious nips.  The two made some furtive and lusty cocksucking, going back and forth right there for anyone to see as inches disappear down hungry throats and assholes start twitching for needed attention.

When Dreyden stands and turns to offer up his hole, Keller's fingers and tongue go exploring, opening up his ready-to-go rump as he backs up on the penetrating digits. The two want to take things further, and maybe a bit more private. I mean, danger is arousing but arrest records suck, and not in a good way. Wandering back to the beach house, they find the right spot to take this anal.

Grabbing some wall, Dreyden's tasty hole is eaten out a bit more before Keller plants himself behind him and drives his plumbing pole deep into the eager ass. The two generate quite a bit of heat and friction given their powerful energy. Keller is a slam machine and Dreyden is ready to take what gruff fuck this guy can offer up.

Moving to a couch Dreyden straddles Keller's pipe and plants himself down firmly, aggressively riding it for all it's worth, grinding and gyratign as it hits all the right places deep in his backside. On his back, Keller can go to town on his ass, pummeling him as he yells out into the wind until both their scummy loads are dripping down his belly.

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