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KinkMen: Throwback Thursday Brings Halloween Fun With Bound Gods In the Boneyard


Back in 2011, KinkMen auteur Van Darkholme directed Brenn Wyson and Parker London In "The Graverobber," an intense BDSM scene with some Halloween flair. Appearing on the site's Bound Gods page, the two muscled studs get down and dirty in a graveyard when grave robber London digs up Wyson who isn't ready to give up the watch London attempts to steal. With creative use of space and theme, London becomes Wyson's forced bottom as rope bondage, flogging and rape play out in the dark of night.

Yes, that's a coffin with a gloryhole. 

Wyson and London are two kink versatile musclemen who make incredible connections through their intense action. Filmed with creativity and a sense of fun, the set is great to look at; as much detail went into the design as well as the awesome action. The only thing missing here would be Victorian-period costumes because you the fuck robs graves in 2011? But given how hot these two are, it's an easily looked-over faux pas.

Wyson rises from the grave with unnatural strength, a useful way to explain London's inability to escape his grasping, groping hands as he verbally commands and beats the young man into unwilling submission. His cock is yanked out and slapped, his face roughly kissed, his tits and body parts manhandled and twisted.

Bound by ropes, the well-defined London undergoes breath control as Wyson plants his mouth on his hard-on, sucking his erection as he twists and writhes while slaps are administered over his gorgeous torso. These open-handed slaps are a physically intense element that results in London's chest and torso becoming beet red as he's encouraged to scream his head off, which he does with little command necessary. The beatings were enough to elicit the response.

Wyson has a beautiful cock, and it looks even better gagging London as the sub's hands are tied above his head, his throat stuffed with hard manhood as Wyson grabs his hair and raises his face to his crotch. When he's moved to the coffin complete with chain link and gloryhole, the mix of horror and porn is finally wed as Wyson stands beside, plunging his pole through to London's face.

Moving to the top of a crypt, London is elaborately hogtied as Wyson spreads his crack and tongues his smooth rosebud. Some ass smacks accompany the pleasure of the rim job, and his lubed ass is soon pummeled by the merciless dead man. He can only moan loudly through his ball gag as Wyson quickly ramps up speed, taking out who knows how many years of pent-up blue balls from the afterlife to unleash into his abused asshole.

London thinks he's survived the worst when he's shackled and forced to shoot his load as the cum-eating Wyson gruffly jacks his meat into his jizz-slurping face. But oh no, there's more in store. The flogger is brought out and his chest and ass are turned rose red at the vigorous whipping.

How about a second round of fucking while he suffers the indignity of partial burial? Yep, his head and shoulders are buried in the dirt with his accessible ass sticking straight up for rape #2, resulting in his abuser's hot creamy load left dripping down his taut ass and thickly cordoned thigh.

How could this get any worse for him? I won't give it away, but there's a denouement of sorts that they clearly had fun with that involves a skeleton hand and arm. I can hear the conversation now: "Here's an idea...should we do this? Naw, we can't do that. Can we? Fuck it, we're doing it." The visual is fun and silly, but the idea of what's happening is pretty horrific. Let's just say Wyson finds a way to have London for himself for eternity.

Head over to KinkMen by hitting that banner pic below, and have a spooktacular time!

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