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A Jockstrap, Brief, or Nothing At All: Leather and Lace Outfits with Carti G



This week, Cybersocket will be on the scene for our very first Leather and Lace dance party, aptly titled Erotica. Inquiring minds want to know, what should one wear to such a party? Thank god for Carti G, Erotica hostess and mistress of all things naughty, who stopped by to share her top – tee hee, we said top – suggestions to make a splash at any fetish dance party.

1. Sexy underwear!

Whether it’s a jockstrap, brief, or nothing at all. Your sexy outfit starts from there! A great way to exude that confidence that EROTICA is about starts with the undies.

2. A chest harness

Feel your Tom of Finland fantasy! A chest harness has been a staple in the leather community and let’s be honest, it’s sexy no matter who you are! Top, bottom, vers! They are attractive and great for on the dance floor and bedroom !

3. A lace top or bottom

No, not that kind of top or bottom, although I’m sure there will be one you can meet on the dance floor! Lace is fun, and doesn’t have to be tight to be sexy. It’s all about giving them a peek at what’s in store. You can always count on lace being breathable too and that’s great when you’re dancing with your friends or with whoever you meet on the dance floor.

4. Kinky accessories

Find your favorite necklaces, choker, fishnets, or a leatherman's hat. Accessories are important when completing an outfit. They bring your outfit to the next level. Catch their eye with something that is shiny or that adds to your look and confidence.

5. Comfortable boots or shoes

It’s a dance party so comfort is important if you wanna last all night! Find some shoes that you can dance and walk around all night! Boots are a personal favorite, but the right heel or sneaker can also work!

Erotica dance party is Friday, October 21st at one of LA’s newest and biggest queer venues, 10DTLA right across from Precinct! Come check us out and make sure you check out Instagram for more details!

Cybersocket will be on the scene with Serv Vodka and Fleshjack.

On behalf of our friends at Fleshjack, use code LACE at checkout for a big…surprise…wink, wink!

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