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Cybersocket Exclusive Interview: King Dwarf Talks Being a Fringe Performer, Self-Acceptance and Becoming a Hot Dog Boy for Club King, Mario Diaz


"I found acceptance in a space like this when I had so much self-doubt at a time when the world was such a mean place to me." - King Dwarf

The King has arrived, and he is making quite a splash. From getting naughty in front of the webcam to shaking his ass on the go-go box, King Dwarf is proof that HARD work pays off. I mean, with a cock like his it would be a crime for him to keep it all to himself. Let the interrogation commence!

You’re fairly new to Los Angeles. How are you liking it? I’m loving LA. Honestly, it has been such a great experience for me. LA has been very generous, and I am thankful for the opportunities I’ve had here so far. It’s such a great feeling to be out here and furthering my brand and personality with all these great gigs that I am so thankful I’ve been getting.

That being said, thinking of making the move permanent any time soon? I think I will settle down here with Joel, so I'm super excited about that. I just need to get all of my shit out of New Jersey, and as soon as that happens… yeah, I can see myself settling down here because I’m really happy with the direction that my career is going out here. Everything’s in LA. You know, it's like, it's just so different with all of the opportunities I’ve been getting so I’d like to be here for the future.

You mentioned your partner Joel. What is it like dating another person in the industry? Dating Joel is amazing. I really don’t have enough good things to say about him. I learned so much from him; he taught me so many things. Being strictly online, the digital performer that I am, Joel teaches me about the other end of the spectrum and the industry. But we’re both learning from each other. I’m teaching him about the digital side and he’s teaching me about the studio side. I think it’s great to have a partner that knows the do's and don'ts of the industry and he’s like my guiding force. I’m so grateful to him for that. Our relationship has truly been amazing in that regard. He’s taught me so much and I love him for that.

How did you get your start in the industry? It all goes back to when I was a little insecure boy that was living in New Jersey and I was like, “am I sexy? Are other people going to find me sexy?”  And I’m a super nerd. I live on the internet, as my fans know. So I have this laptop and you name it and I wanted to put it to use. So I went on Chatterbate, I followed a bunch of models I love to see perform on Chatterbate and Cam4. And I was like, why don't I do that? Test the waters, see who comes into my room.

So low and behold I had a webcam, that was all I really needed. And I was like let me go live, let me jerk off, let me show my body off, and let’s see what the reaction is. If I get trolls, I’ll be like, “fuck you guys, I’m out.” And so I did my first cam show and was in the leading spot in the first hour. It was mind-blowing to me because all I received was positive feedback. It helped my self-esteem. It helped my confidence. It took me from the brink of where I was, the dark place where I thought I would never be desirable. I was like, wow. I found my calling, I found what I wanted to do. I found acceptance in a space like this when I had so much self-doubt at a time when the world was such a mean place to me.

Tell me what it feels like when you get recognized out in public. It’s honestly so amazing because I was being bullied my whole life in such an evil and mean way. I was afraid of the world. Everything I knew was bullying through middle school and high school… Being recognized now, it’s like, holy shit, I’ve made myself get to this point, and I did it all me. Nobody did this for me. And to have people come up to me and be like, “Oh my god, it’s King Dwarf eating at Qdoba, or it’s Kind Dwarf walking the streets of Ptown with his boyfriend. And it’s like, you know, people are taking our pictures and putting them online, like “oh hey I just saw King Dwarf and Joel.” And me back in Jersey, I’ll get Grindr messages like, “Holy shit, is it really you?!” And I never in my wildest dreams thought it’d get to this point. Do you know what I’m saying? So, from where I’ve been, it feels really good.

And then there are also some sketchy moments where it’s like… it’s their first time seeing a dwarf in public, so they don’t know how to react, cuz, you know, they think we’re these little unicorns. So they’ll be super aggressive and touchy. They think because of what I do online, and now with other performers, they think they have free access to me. And it’s like, “Ooooh let me touch your body.” And then you’re a dwarf on top of it. They instantly fetishize me. It’s like, now this is getting awkward. You don’t want to know me. You’re having the most awkward fan moment and it’s not doing you any favors, because at this point I don’t even want to talk to you. 

You mentioned being touched without consent as being something that happens in the adult industry… Yeah, even just being out and about, and I think it was when I was cruising, Like in New York at the Eagle or The Cock, I would be there with my friends and we’d be having a good time. And sure, yeah, I want to look for dick, like who doesn’t? But at a certain point, you’re coming up to me and being like, “I know who you are,” and then you’re going down on me or like literally starting to masturbate me and I’m like, “Dude, I don’t know you. I didn’t even give you consent. That’s great you’re a fan, but that doesn’t mean I want you to participate. This is my body. So you have a disconnect between me online and me in the flesh. You have to ask to touch my body. I’m not a piece of meat, you know? I mean, that’s an important conversation to have. Just because I do porn or I’m open about my sexuality doesn’t mean you have a right to it. This is our job. And the people who treat us like humans, like, you do get more honey from bees.

What is it like go-go dancing for Mario Diaz at his Hot Dog Sunday parties? Oh, I love Mario. I’m so thankful to Mario. He knew that I was fresh to LA, and he recruited me. I told him I was looking for gigs and he was like, “Come dance at Hot Dog. Adam and I would be more than happy to have you.” And have been so thankful to them, having a blast dancing so many Sundays there. It was such a great party, it’s such a great vibe, and it was so welcoming. Everyone from every different walk of life is there regardless of what industry they’re from. We’re all there to have a good time on a Sunday.

And the looks that Mario puts together are next level… Yeah! Mario dresses us and every look so far he has dressed me in I love 100%. He knows how to style me. Recently I was dancing there during one of the heat waves and I was just dancing in an apron. And I was like, this is sexy as fuck. I love it. I’m so blessed to have Mario. I’m a Hot Dog Boy now!

How did you enjoy the Cybersocket-sponsored YNOT Community Mixer? I loved it. I met other people in the industry and it was really exciting. I feel like I was a loner at the top. Doing the OnlyFans thing you feel alone and isolated. I pick and choose who I work with. I’m not on set. Like, you and Joel and everyone are on a set with other performers and you’re talking to them. Whereas I feel like I’m Rapunzel sometimes in a castle. Like, okay, all I have is this laptop in front of me. So being able to be around other performers and talk to them and for them to know who I am is humbling. It makes me super happy and I loved it. It means a lot to be able to be like “Hey, AJ, I really like your work. You want to collab?” vs. just DMing you and hoping I get a response.

What are your thoughts on being on the fringe of the industry as opposed to the mainstream? I really like that question because I get asked it a lot, and I feel like I’m getting the benefits of both worlds after being isolated for so long. I’m getting to hang out with the role models like Joel was a role model to me. Someone like you who has been such a great friend and role model to me. There is also the creator aspect to me. Like I know my brand. I know what I want to do and I’ve known what I wanted to be doing with this since I began on the cam sites. I have complete control over my image. There is no one telling me what my image needs to be or what I should be doing. I have that creative control and I like that. I get the best of both worlds at this point.

What direction do you think the adult industry is going in? I think the future of the adult industry is that people are realizing that they can have control over their brand. I think the pandemic was a wake-up call too. I want to dip my toes into studio work too. I think about what's next, and I’m really excited. At the same time, I think that I have fun talking to these other creators, and we spit ideas. Like, “How do you feel about this? How do you feel about that?” And I’m completely satisfied with the result because I was in control of its conception and execution. It is a full-time job, but if you have the drive you can be your boss, and it doesn’t have to feel like work.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with your fans? Yeah, I’m so thankful to all of you. I wouldn’t have been here without you guys, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I wouldn’t have had this confidence if I didn’t get the feedback from you. And you guys looked past the days of body dysmorphia that I had the self-confidence issues. The thoughts I used to have like, “Is anyone going to find a dwarf sexy?” You encouraged me and made me my best self. I wouldn't be doing even a fraction of what I’m doing now if I never got the amazing feedback from you guys. You guys support me in every venture that I go down whether it's go-go dancing, solo work, or something completely new, and I love that. So I hope that you guys continue to enjoy the content that I put out.

If you are new to me and don’t know who I am yet feel free to follow me on my socials. My Twitter is @KingDwarfNYC, my Instagram @KingDwarfOfficial, and my OnlyFans is @KingDwarfOfficial


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